B E L L E   J O R D E N. 
P R O F E S S I O N A L   M A K E U P   A R T I S T   A N D   M A C   A R T I S T . 
Pixie sized daydreamer with a love for glitter, bronzer and all things makeup. I live in London, United Kingdom. Some days of my week are spent working as an Artist at MAC Cosmetics, my other days of the week I live for creative makeup. I have been working as a professional makeup artist in the industry for over a year now, I still very much consider myself a makeup baby. I have been into all things makeup and cosmetics since I was a teenager and most of my knowledge is self learned, however I was also trained at the London School of Makeup before working for UK Cosmetics brand Illamasqua and now MAC Cosmetics. I love creating most styles of makeup however I love anything creative, colourful and adventurous. Orange eyeshadow? I'm your girl. Glitter cut crease? I'm ready.

When I was younger, it was a lot harder to learn about makeup and it's taken me a long time to evolve as an artist, and I'm still growing. I absolutely love learning new tricks and I have started this blog as a way of passing anything new I learn onto others in a simple, easy to recreate way. For me, makeup is never something you will fully master, and I hope to keep growing as an artist whilst I help others. 
I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy creating it.
-  B e l l e   J o r d e n 
If you would like to request any posts or mini tutorials leave a comment below or message me via Twitter or Instagram - @bellejorden 

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  1. hey Belle :) welcome to the blogging world! i wanted to ask if anyone can add you to Facebook or do I need †o personally know you?


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